Used Refrigerated Trailers

Are you looking for Used Refrigerated Trailers or to use in your over the road trucking fleet? Why pay the premium prices for brand new refrigerated trailers when you can purchase good as new, used refrigerated trailers. Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales has a good-sized inventory of used refrigerated trailers for sale!

One of the benefits of purchasing used refrigerated trailers from DAD's Truck and Trailer Sales is the knowledge of previous historical maintenence and history of the trailer in general. Since all trailers at DAD’s have been previously operated by us, we can offer that history and provide you with peace of mind knowing you are purchasing one of our quality refrigerated trailers that can get the job done, hold up well, and serve you for hundreds of thousands of additional miles! We take pride in our ownership, and why we are confident in selling them to you as premium, almost like new refrigerated trailers. There aren't many (if any) dealers that can tell you they have actually pulled trailers they are trying to sell you. We have, and we know these used refigerated trailers are the most durable, long-lasting, quality used refrigerated trailers available in the West!

Our used truck and trailers sales dealership is conveniently located off of I-15 exit 113 in Southeastern Idaho, just south of the Idaho Falls city center. Stop in and see our inventory, or contact us for more information on our used refrigerated trailers and used flatbed trailers currently available for sale.

Used Refrigerated Trailers

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