Peterbilt For Sale

If you’re looking for a Peterbilt For Sale, come to the best place in Idaho for Peterbilt Sales. DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales is a used truck dealer that has numerous used Peterbilts Trucks for sale. The Peterbilts for sale at DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales are late model, great looking trucks. While looking at a Peterbilt for sale at DAD’s you’ll find quality equipment that has been designed for light weight, fuel efficient productivity. All the Peterbilts at DAD’s were formerly operated by Doug Andrus Distributing LLC, based out of Idaho Falls, ID. These trucks were used in a variety of operations including reefer applications, and some flatbed applications.

Customized Peterbilts For Sale

Whether you’re looking for a 379, 385, 386, or 387 Peterbilt For Sale, you’ll find it at DAD’s. These Custom Peterbilt trucks are equipped with aluminum wheels, air tanks, and cross-members, as well as light weight drums and aluminum bell housings. Some of the Peterbilts for sale on this site are set up for a reefer or van application with roof and side fairings. If you’re looking for a fuel efficient Peterbilt for sale, this is where it’s at! All these components combine to offer you one of the lightest, fuel efficient Peterbilts on the road.

Peterbilt Sales

DAD’s likes to be involved in Peterbilt Sales because of the great reputation that comes with a Peterbilt truck. These Peterbilts are built to last, and don't seem like Peterbilt Used Trucks. Doug Andrus Distributing prefers Peterbilt trucks because of the value and durability we get out of a Peterbilt. That’s what you’re getting with the trucks you see on this site; a late model, fuel efficient Peterbilt for sale, that still looks and drives like a new truck.

You won’t find a better looking Peterbilt For Sale anywhere. DAD’s trucks have a unique red paint job with a custom stripe! With less than 500,000 miles the Used Peterbilts Trucks for sale on this sight don’t look like used equipment. At DAD’s we pride ourselves on selling what second hand owners need: quality equipment that will last. Come find the Peterbilt for sale you’re looking for!

Peterbilt For Sale

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