Freightliner Sales

DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales is a dealer in Freightliner sales. If you are looking for Freightliner sales, this site is a great place to find what you’re looking for! Our Freightliner sales have a mixture of different models and specs. All the Freightliner sales at DAD’s are late-model, durable, good-looking equipment! We love being involved in the Freightliner sales business because we know what it’s like to be a professional carrier or owner operator! We’ve been there, and we know what owners and truckers need! All the Freightliner sales at DAD’s were originally owned and operated by Doug Andrus Distributing LLC, based out of Idaho Falls, ID. We know what you expect out of your equipment and that’s why we can stand behind our Freightliner sales.

Freightliner Truck Sales

DAD’s has been involved in Freightliner sales since 1998. We have enjoyed our involvement in the Freightliner sales industry and have cultivated many great business relationships and happy, satisfied customers. We appreciate being involved in Freightliner used trucks sales were we are able to offer customers the equipment they need to get the job done at a lower cost. Freightliner sales is an exciting industry to be a part of because of the many business solutions that Freightliner has to offer. The Freightliner sales we have to offer can fit the needs of many different operations from an OTR carrier, to Farming and local delivery. If you are looking for a leader in Freightliner sales to buy your next Freightliner from, you’ve found it. Please look over our web site and see why DAD’s is involved in Freightliner sales. You will see, even if you only take a brief glance, that DAD’s has an inventory of great trucks. Please contact us and let us tell you why we are involved in Freightliner sales!

DAD’s believes in selling commercial trucks and trailers that still pull and look like new! We are able to stand behind our Freightliner sales because we have operated all the equipment at DAD’s!

Freightliner Sales

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