Custom Peterbilt

In the trucking industry owning and operating a Custom Peterbilt can really pay off. Custom specs give you the usability you need, and a custom look helps you stick out against the competition. You can’t ask for anything better than a Custom Peterbilt truck. Peterbilt trucks are known for their high quality and durability. The only way to make a Peterbilt truck better is to customize it to your needs. A custom Peterbilt can provide you with quality equipment that is set up the way you need it. Your truck represents your company and a custom Peterbilt can also be a real eye catcher. A custom Peterbilt is like a giant advertisement for your company running up and down the highway! The custom Peterbilt trucks you see on this site were originally owned and operated by Doug Andrus Distributing, based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Doug Andrus Distributing customizes their trucks for light weight and fuel efficiency, coupled with a unique look.

These Custom Peterbilt trucks are equipped with large 63 to 70 inch bunks for maximum driver comfort! Doug Andrus Distributing customizes their Peterbilt trucks with light weight materials to maximize hauling capacity and fuel efficiency. A light custom Peterbilt truck means you can haul more and get more done! All the custom Peterbilt trucks you find here are equipped with light weight aluminum wheels, air tanks, and cross members. Also, these Custom Peterbilt Trucks come with light weight steel drums and aluminum bell housings. You’ll find low 22.5 rubber on all the custom Peterbilt trucks we sell which, again, means less weight and better fuel economy. All these customized details combine to offer you one of the lightest, most reliable, fuel efficient trucks on the road!

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better looking custom Peterbilt anywhere. Exclusive red paint and a distinctive stripe gives these unique trucks a custom Peterbilt look and feel. DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales has always taken pride in being able to offer our customers a more custom Peterbilt truck that looks and performs like new. Thank you for looking at the custom Peterbilt trucks we have to offer. We know at DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales you can find the custom Peterbilt you’re looking for!

Custom Peterbilt

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