Commercial Truck Sales

DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales is a dealer in commercial truck sales. If you are looking for a commercial truck for sale, this site is a great place to find Semi Trucks For Sale, Used Flatbed Trailers, or whatever you’re looking for! DAD’s sells Peterbilt used trucks, freightliner used trucks, and we even have a variety of commercial flatbed trailers for sale. Our Peterbilt and Freightliner trucks have a mixture of different models and specs. All the commercial equipment for sale at DAD’s is late-model, durable, good-looking equipment! We love being involved in the commercial truck sales business because we know what it’s like to be a professional carrier or owner operator! We’ve been there, and we know what owners and truckers need! All the commercial trucks and trailers at DAD’s were originally owned and operated by Doug Andrus Distributing LLC, based out of Idaho Falls, ID. We know what you expect out of your equipment and that why we can stand behind our commercial truck sales and commercial flatbed trailers for sale.

DAD’s commercial trucks can be relied on to provide owners with low operating costs and driver satisfaction. These commercial trucks have been customized for light weight and fuel efficiency. A light commercial truck means more product on your trailer! Drivers will be happy to see spacious 63 to 70 inch bunks! All the commercial trucks you find here are equipped with light weight aluminum wheels, air tanks, and cross members. Also, these trucks come with light weight steel drums and aluminum bell housings. You’ll find low 22.5 rubber on all the used semi trucks we sell which, again, means less weight and better fuel economy. All these details combine to offer you one of the lightest, most reliable, fuel efficient commercial trucks on the road!

Commercial Flatbed Trailers

DAD’s Truck and Trailer Sales has used commercial flatbed trailers for sale. These commercial flatbed trailers were used hauling building materials, like brick, stone, and lumber, throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Doug Andrus Distributing prides itself on having one of the lightest flatbed fleets in the nation! Our Western trailers are built to last with the most durable light weight materials. These Western used flatbed trailers are a light weight combo with aluminum decks. Our Wilson used flatbed trailers have aluminum frames as well as aluminum decks. All our commercial flatbed trailers for sale are equipped with aluminum wheels set up for wide base tires, which mean less weight, and better fuel efficiency! All our used flatbed trailers are set up on 22.5 rubber which, again, means less weight. A light trailer means more money in your pocket!

These trailers have aluminum decks with nail strips. All the commercial flatbed trailers you find at DAD’s are air-ride equipped. Our Western flatbed trailers are 48 feet long and 102 inch wide. Our Wilson flatbed trailers are 48 feet long and 96 inch wide. Almost all these used flatbed trailers are spread axle trailers. Most of the Western trailers you see on this site have been recently repainted. DAD’s believes in selling commercial trucks and trailers that still pull and look like new! We are able to stand behind our commercial truck sales because we have operated all the equipment at DAD’s!

Commercial Truck Sales

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